Photo Background Template

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Photo Background Template

Photo Background is a simple template for building sensational homepages, stunning landing pages, spectacular product pages, striking webinar pages, or any other scrumtrulescent page you can dream up.



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Nov 15, 2014

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  • David Bennett

    I purchased this a week or two ago and was wondering what image dimensions you used on this. Nice template!

    • Kate Boyden

      I just checked same thing – lead pages thread says 1920 x 1280. Can you add your own image? I am struggling to do so at the moment. Not sure if I am missing something?

      • David Bennett

        Hi Kate, here’s how you insert your own image.

        1. Turn the “Library Background” layer off by clicking the eye icon:

        2. Now click on the gear icon under “Upload Background”. This is where you can upload your background. (Tip: make sure the upload is complete before you click on the “Done” button.

        I hope this helps.

        • Lee Shadle

          Wow!! Thank you David for sharing this with Kate! I couldn’t have said it better myself! I’ve been trying to think of a way to make this more clear in the editor because I definitely don’t think it’s the most intuitive thing to do. Do you have any suggestions that might help clear this up?

          • David Bennett

            @leeshadle:disqus In light of no documentation, I think maybe adding clarity of verbiage is the only solution. For instance: “Your Background” instead of “Upload Background” and maybe “Stock” or “Library Backgrounds” but I don’t know if that would solve the user errors.

            One thing I noticed is that when a user uploads a photo, the default opacity overlay is active (50%?). In my case I had to upload my background multiple times in order to to get my logo placement exactly where I wanted it to be. When doing this, I found that when I put the opacity layer to zero and saved it, the published page contained an overlay. I had to go back in and reset it to zero again and re-save. The opacity layer is unpredictable and noticeable, especially when a logo is part of the background image and you want it to stand out as part of the type layer not the background layer.

            Suggestion: Add a top logo slug as an option for the page layout. <—– This is important for companies or products because when you're dealing with "responsive" a background logo sucks and gets lost in the type.

            Other notes: I actually stumbled upon the happy fact that there was an entire library of images you have provided in your theme and an opacity slider to boot. Documentation would be helpful – maybe a one page PDF or short video that shows the user an overview of features to help iron out any user errors.

            One last thing… I love this page layout and would have easily paid double for it. $14 all day long, twice on Sunday!
            Don't forget the logo slug! 🙂

          • Lee Shadle

            Wow Thank you again David for your amazing feedback! We really appreciate you taking the time to share these ideas with us. We actually took your suggestions to heart in our latest template build and added a “Template How-to” video to serve as documentation for how to use the template. For now we’ve rolled it out to the one template but I’m going to add it to all our existing templates and any new templates we build in the future. Check it out, just click on the Template How-to in the Control Panel:

            I’m going to look into the opacity issues as well as adding the top logo slug because I do agree the logo on the background image can get lost and getting the proportions right is nearly impossible. Thanks again David!!

          • David Bennett

            No problem @leeshadle:disqus if my input helps to make a better product, I’m always happy to contribute.

  • Debrina Wright-Williams

    Does anyone know how to load the free template INTO LeadPages?